conducir un super coche en un circuito de velocidad

The dates and venues of our upcoming driving events are listed below.

The usual time slots are: 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. In summer later time slots may be available.

Date availability

Selected dates throughout the year, subject to availability for each car. If you are interested in a certain date please select it during the purchase process. If you already have an emocionday voucher and would like to book your experience please click here.

Date Location Experiences
Wed 23/01/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 02/02/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) drifthighway
Sun 03/02/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Wed 06/02/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 09/02/2019 Grandvalira (Andorra) NEW - Ice Driving
Sun 10/02/2019 Grandvalira (Andorra) NEW - Ice Driving
Wed 13/02/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 16/02/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 16/02/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sat 16/02/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Sun 17/02/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 02/03/2019 Sevilla (Sevilla) track
Sun 03/03/2019 Sevilla (Sevilla) highway
Sat 09/03/2019 Monteblanco (Huelva) trackhighway
Sun 10/03/2019 Campillos (Málaga) trackhighway
Tue 12/03/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 16/03/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) drifthighway
Sun 17/03/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Wed 20/03/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 23/03/2019 Cheste (Valencia) highway
Sun 24/03/2019 Chiva (Valencia) track
Wed 27/03/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Mon 01/04/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 13/04/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 13/04/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sat 13/04/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Sun 14/04/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Wed 17/04/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 24/04/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 27/04/2019 FK1 (Valladolid) track
Sat 27/04/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) highway
Sat 27/04/2019 FK1 (Valladolid) highway
Sun 28/04/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) trackdrift
Sat 04/05/2019 Cheste (Valencia) highway
Sat 04/05/2019 Calafat (Tarragona) trackhighway
Sun 05/05/2019 Cheste (Valencia) track
Sat 18/05/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Sun 19/05/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) drifthighway
Wed 22/05/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 25/05/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 25/05/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sat 25/05/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Sun 26/05/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Wed 29/05/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 01/06/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sun 02/06/2019 Kotarr (Burgos) trackhighwaydrift
Wed 05/06/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 15/06/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) highway
Sun 16/06/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) trackdrift
Wed 19/06/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 22/06/2019 Campillos (Málaga) track
Sun 23/06/2019 Campillos (Málaga) highway
Wed 26/06/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 03/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 06/07/2019 Monteblanco (Huelva) trackhighway
Sun 07/07/2019 Sevilla (Sevilla) trackhighway
Wed 10/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 13/07/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 13/07/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sat 13/07/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Sun 14/07/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 20/07/2019 Cheste (Valencia) highway
Sat 20/07/2019 Chiva (Valencia) track
Sun 21/07/2019 Cheste (Valencia) track
Sat 27/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Sun 28/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) drifthighway
Tue 30/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 31/07/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) formula 1Montmeló GP
Thu 01/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) formula 1
Tue 06/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Thu 08/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 14/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Thu 15/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 21/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Thu 22/08/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Mon 02/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) formula 1
Tue 03/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) formula 1
Wed 04/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Tue 10/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Tue 17/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Tue 24/09/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sun 29/09/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrifthighway
Wed 02/10/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 05/10/2019 FK1 (Valladolid) trackhighway
Sun 06/10/2019 Kotarr (Burgos) trackhighwaydrift
Wed 09/10/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 12/10/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrifthighway
Sun 20/10/2019 Sevilla (Sevilla) trackhighway
Sat 26/10/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sat 26/10/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sat 26/10/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Sun 27/10/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Tue 29/10/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 06/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 09/11/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) trackdrift
Sun 10/11/2019 Los Arcos (Navarra) highway
Wed 13/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 16/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) drifthighway
Sat 16/11/2019 Motorland (Teruel) highway
Sun 17/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Mon 18/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Wed 20/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 23/11/2019 Monteblanco (Huelva) trackhighway
Sun 24/11/2019 Campillos (Málaga) trackhighway
Wed 27/11/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 30/11/2019 Jarama (Madrid) trackdrift
Sun 01/12/2019 Brunete (Madrid) trackdrift
Sun 01/12/2019 Jarama (Madrid) highway
Sun 01/12/2019 Brunete (Madrid) highway
Wed 04/12/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 07/12/2019 Cheste (Valencia) highway
Sat 07/12/2019 Chiva (Valencia) track
Sun 08/12/2019 Cheste (Valencia) track
Wed 11/12/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) Montmeló GP
Sat 14/12/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) trackdrift
Sun 15/12/2019 Montmeló (Barcelona) highway
Sun 15/12/2019 Calafat (Tarragona) trackstreet

2019 dates

We have currently published our full calendar up until the end of 2018. We will publish our new 2019 dates in December.