Dive with sharks in Barcelona

Dive with sharks
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Location: Barcelona

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: 1 person

What's included?:

  • Diving equipment.
  • Introductory diving lesson (40min).
  • Tank immersion (50min).
  • Access to the water tank for the participant and guest.
  • Free entry to the Barcelona Aquarium for the participant and guest.
  • 10% discount for additional guests who wish to visit the Aquarium.
  • Insurance.

Join us at the Barcelona Aquarium and enjoy a magical, underwater encounter with the fish and sharks.

The vast tank at the Oceanarium holds 4 million litres of water and is home to countless colourful species of fish and two types of shark: the sand tiger shark and the sandbar shark. It's the perfect setting for this unique diving adventure, one suitable for kids and adults alike, with no previous experience required.

What do you get?

We begin with a 40 minute diving lesson, where you'll learn how to breathe underwater, how to control the regulator, and all the important hand signals.

Next, you'll enter the water with your scuba diving gear. You'll be submerged for 50 marvellous minutes, as hundreds of fish glide and swirl hypnotically around you. Rays, moray eels, moon fish...and of course, the beautiful, enigmatic stars of this underwater world – the sharks. Seeing these incredible creatures from just inches away is a thrill you will never forget!

This unique experience can also be shared with a friend or family member, who can watch, take photos and give you the thumbs up from outside the tank!


From Monday to Sunday with sessions in the morning and afternoon. Contact us to check availability.


Total duration: approx 3 hours. Duration of diving lesson: 40 mins. Duration of diving immersion: 50 mins.


  • Minimum age: 8. Minors must have written parental authorisation and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Adults must bring their DNI/NIE/passport.
  • Activity not suitable for pregnant women.

Additional information

  • This activity is suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please let us know at the time of booking.
  • Maximum nº of participants per session: 4.
  • Please bring a towel, swimming costume, toiletries, and footwear for the shower.


Your guest may take photos (without flash) of your immersion from outside the tank.

Client testimonials

"...I wanted to give you feedback on the Shark Dive that we did on Friday. It was really excellent; a great experience. The instructor was really good (and multi-lingual), very calm and encouraging to all the participants. The dive itself was amazing and it was a pleasant surprise that the instructor guided each guest for a swim around the tank outside the shark cage. Really awesome time. Plus you and your team were really excellent in the build up and planning. A really great purchase - so thanks very much. We will no doubt be buying more adventures with you soon."

Angela Hooper