Escape Room in Madrid

Escape Room
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Location: Madrid

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: 2 people

What's included?:

  • Escape room game.

Put your imagination and resourcefulness to the test with this fun and ingeniously designed escape room experience in the centre of Madrid.

What do you get?

The game takes place inside a mysterious room full of mind-bending puzzles and enigmas. You'll have 60 minutes to solve the clues and make your escape, but as the clock ticks down to zero you'll need lots of clever teamwork (and coolness under pressure!) to succeed.

As you explore and uncover the room secrets, our monitors will keep an eye your progress. They might even give you the occasional hint if you’re desperate!

Those that escape will be greeted like heroes, and their names added to the roll of honour!

We currently have two different escape games to choose from, available in both Spanish and English:

  • Mansion (Episode 1).The human race is in great danger, and the final outcome depends on you. Does your brave group have what it takes to save the day?
  • Dockside warehouse.Your team of journalists is on the verge of uncovering an important arms smuggling network. But time is against you! Will you manage to crack the case before it's too late?

Choose your mission, and be the hero of your own adventure!


In the centre of Madrid. 10 minutes' walk from Atocha Station.


Monday to Sunday throughout the year. Contact us to check available times.


The aim of the game is to solve the enigma and escape the room within the time limit of 60 minutes.


  • Minimum group size: 2. Maximum group size: 5.
  • Suitable for minors. Notrecommended for children under 8 due to the difficulty of the puzzles. Children under 16 must have at least one adult member in the group.
  • Suitable for pregnant women. Clients with hearing difficulties or requiring wheelchair access please contact us.
  • Suitable for individuals with claustrophobia. All the rooms have an emergency button that can be pressed at any moment. The location of the button is indicated at the start of the game. At no moment are participants truly locked in. The room is supervised at all times and the monitors can attend to any need that may arise.

Additional information

  • Players may not enter the room with mobile phones, cameras or any other type of recording equipment.
  • Lockers are available for storing your mobile phones, bags and coats during the game.
  • The activity does not involve any physical exertion.

Other info

All the necessary material for the game will be provided.

If you would like to compete against another team, or if your group size exceeds the maximum of 5 people, the facilities also have a second room which can be used at the same time. Although the themes of the two rooms are different their difficulty level is very similar.