Fly a light aircraft (with guest) in Sabadell (Barcelona)

Fly a light aircraft (with guest)
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Location: Sabadell (Barcelona)

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

What's included?:

  • Classroom briefing (1 hour).
  • Flying lesson (45 minutes).

Join us for an introductory flying lesson in Sabadell, just 25km from Barcelona. You'll enjoy magnificent views and have the chance to take the controls yourself. The perfect experience for anyone who's ever dreamt of being a pilot!

the class

The experience begins with an hour-long briefing at the airport. You'll get to know the pilot, discuss the basic principles of flying and help prepare the flight plan. Next you'll meet your plane - the Cessna 152 - one of the most popular and reliable light aircraft in the world, whose dual control system allows the pilot to take over at any moment during the flight.

After accompanying the pilot in the pre-flight inspection, you'll be introduced to the Cessna's controls and instrument panel. Then it's time to start the engines and take off into the blue skies above Cataluña!

the flight

Flying in a light aircraft is nothing like flying in a large commercial airliner. The reduced size of the Cessna amplifies the sense of awe and wonder as you soar over the region to the north-west of Barcelona - passing the vicinities of Martorell, Sant Cugat, Esparraguera y Terrassa.

If weather conditions allow you may even be able to make out the mountain of Montserrat in the distance, and motorsports fans will recognise the Circuit of Catalunya, home of The Spanish Grand Prix.

During the flight you'll take part in a range of maneuvers, including turns, climbs, pitches, rolls and descents, giving you an unforgettable taste of what it's like to be a pilot. What’s more, if the experience inspires you to take more flying lessons yourself, it will even count towards your license.


Monday to Sunday throughout the year.

Special conditions

  • Participants must be in good health.
  • Maximum weight: 105 kg. Maximum height: 2 metres.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to fly.

In certain rare circumstances – such as an unforeseen change in the weather or extreme nervousness on the part of the client - the pilot may make the decision NOT to let the client fly the plane for reasons of safety.


Adverse weather conditions can sometimes make flying impossible. If your flight is called off for bad weather, a new, alternative date will be offered.

Client videos

Client comments

My dream became reality. I'd like to send my thanks to Juan Antonio Conde (the true pilot) for a great afternoon. Highly recommended.

Javier Alvarez