Fly a light aircraft (with guest) in Requena (Valencia)

Fly a light aircraft (with guest)
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Location: Requena (Valencia)

Duration: 40 minutes

Participants: 1 person + 1 guest

What's included?:

  • Pre-flight lesson
  • Plane flight with guest.

Join us for a flight in light aircraft across the beautiful wine region of Requena-Utiel, with the opportunity to take the controls of the plane yourself.

Requena Aerodrome enjoys a delightful secluded location, surrounded by natural parks, mountains and vineyards. When you step onto the runway you'll be struck by the immense tranquility of the setting, where virtually the only sound is the purring of the small planes as they take off and land.

The lesson

The adventure starts with an introductory briefing of 15-20 minutes. Together with the pilot you'll conduct a pre-flight inspection of the plane. Then, once inside the cabin, we'll introduce you to the basic principles of flying and you'll learn about the different functions of the control panel. Finally, the pilot will perform a few last-minute checks and before you know it you'll be climbing and soaring through the clear blue skies of Requena!

The flight

During the flight you'll have the opportunity take the controls of the plane and assist the pilot in a range of flying maneuvers, such as ascents, descents and banking. You'll also be treated to breathtaking views of the local landscape, with its endless red, yellow and copper coloured vineyards, its green orchards, and the rolling hills and valleys of the sierra.

Flights of 20 minutes or more will fly over the picturesque towns of Requena and Utiel, before reaching the impressive Pico del Tejo, a famous local peak of 1250 metres.

Flights of 40 minutes will continue the journey west towards the canyons of the rivers Jucar and Cabriel, and approach the glittering blue reservoirs of Buseo and Contreras (famed for its spectacular bridges and viaduct). You'll also be able to make out the mountains of the Sierra de Javalambre in the distance, with their many hectares of pine woodland, and their snowy white peaks in winter.

Meanwhile, your friends and family will be able watch your adventure from the aerodrome's cafe/restaurant, and enjoy refreshments in comfort until you land. You can also pick up a memento or two from the on-site shop.

What's more, if this unforgettable experience ends up giving you the flying bug, the lesson will count toward any future pilot's license course.


Throughout the year, including weekends.

Special conditions

  • Participants must be in good health.
  • Maximum weight 105 kg. Maximum height 2 metres.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to fly.
  • No minimum age required. Participants under 18 years of age must have written parental authorisation.


Adverse weather conditions can sometimes make flying impossible. If your flight is called off for bad weather, a new, alternative date will be offered.

Client comments

"Hola. Just had to say a big thank you. Ronald enjoyed his flight very much. He was like a cat that got the cream all due to your wonderful service through booking and executing. Look forward to having reason to use you again in the future... also the Pilot who made it a fun time. "

Margaret Strickland

"It was the greatest experience of my life... thanks to you and the pilot for making my dream a reality"

Manolo Gascó

"This gift was amazing!!!!! I gave the surprise a few days early, so we could enjoy the preparations. The facilities at the aerodrome were excellent, with a restaurant and rest area and a terrace for watching the planes. Fantastic if you are with children! The pilot was very professional and friendly from the moment we arrived. He kindly answered all our questions. In the cabin he made sure the experience was as unique and enjoyable as possible. My husband (and his Dad who joined him on the flight), came back super-contented. His happy smile was a gift in itself!”

María José