Formula 1 Driving in Montmeló GP 4,3km (Barcelona)

Formula 1 Driving
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Location: Montmeló GP 4,3km (Barcelona)

Participants: 1 person

Formula 1 cars represent the ultimate in automotive technology. They are the fastest, most sophisticated and most glamorous vehicles in existence. Now you can live out the fantasy of motorsport fans all over the world and take the wheel of one of these astonishing machines yourself and drive it on a genuine F1 circuit.

The circuit of Catalunya at Montmeló is home of the Spanish Grand Prix and an iconic racing venue. Your experience begins with 2 introductory sessions of 20 minutes each in our Formula 3 car (around 12 laps in total). This is an intense, exciting driving session in itself, which gives you plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the track.

Next come your laps in the Formula 1. You'll drive the exact same corners, straights and chicanes as some of the greatest names in F1 history - Senna, Schumacher, Prost - as well as current heroes such as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

A truly unique and unforgettable driving experience, with no equal!

NOTE: With this VIP version of the experience you get to drive the ENTIRE Montmeló circuit, exactly as seen in the Spanish Grand Prix.

What you get

  • Once you've arrived at the pit garage we'll introduce you to our professional driving instructor who'll give you a thorough safety and technical briefing, explaining exactly what to expect from the cars and the circuit. You'll then be given all the necessary equipment, including the driver's suit, helmet, shoes and gloves.
  • We'll explain everything you need to know in order to complete your laps safely, and share advice for getting the most out of your experience.
  • You'll then complete two sessions of 15 minutes each in our Formula Renault (around 10-14 laps in total), which will allow you to get used to the track and the unique personality of this kind of racing car.
  • After a light lunch you'll put everything you've learnt into practice behind the wheel of the Formula 1, driving for the number of laps purchased.

Car specifications

  • Engine: Ford Cosworth V8
  • Power: 700CV
  • Cylinders: 8 in V
  • Drive: rear wheel
  • Transmission: F1 gear change

The Circuit of Cataluña, Montmeló (GP Version)

The GP version of the Circuit of Catalunya at Montmeló is the most complete and exclusive option that we offer. When you fly around its 4.3km of track, you know that each lap is 100% identical to those driven by the great professionals of Formula 1 during the Spanish Grand Prix. The circuit consists of 16 corners (9 right handed and 7 left handed) with a slow chicane and a spectacular exit from the stadium area.

Length: 4.3km

Location: El circuito de Montmeló, 08160 Montmeló (Barcelona). Around 30km from Barcelona.


  • Open booking: Not yet ready to commit to a specific date? With our 'open booking' option you can make your choice later, selecting your preferred date from our calendar when convenient. You have 12 months from the date of your purchase to complete your experience.
  • Fixed date: decide which is your preferred date from the available options and select that option when completing your purchase.


Certain dates throughout the year, never at weekends or public holidays.

Experience duration

You will be at the circuit for a whole day, from 8:00 until 18:00 approximately.


You may invite up to 3 guests at a cost of 60€ per person (minimum age 10 years). The price includes breakfast, lunch, a champagne cocktail, access to the snack bar throughout the whole day and of course access to the pit lane where you can watch all the action. Children must be accompanied by an adult OTHER than the driver.

Special conditions

  • the driver must present a valid driving licence on the day
  • maximum weight: 105 kg, maximum height: 1,95 metros, maximum foot size: 46 (UK: 12).
  • you will be asked to sign a letter of commitment to good driving before being granted access to the vehicles.
  • the participant will be liable to pay for the first 4000€ of any damage caused to the car. This can be reduced to 1000€ upon payment of 190€ insurance on the day.


the experience will take place on the agreed date, using wet weather tyres in the event of rain. Cancellations will only take place in extreme circumstances, with the decision being made on the day of the event.

For information on how to add extra laps (whether in the same car or additional model) or on-board video recording to your driving pack, get in touch with our reservations team before the date of your experience by email or by telephone. We will be delighted to assist you.