Client testimonials

Below you can find a selection of our favourite comments, photos and videos sent in by clients. If you've enjoyed an emocionday experience yourself we'd love to hear about it! You can get in touch with us at

Angela and Mark enjoyed our diving with sharks experience in Barcelona. Angela sent us the following email:

"I wanted to give you feedback on the Shark Dive that we did on Friday. It was really excellent; a great experience. The instructor was really good (and multi-lingual), very calm and encouraging to all the participants. The dive itself was amazing and it was a pleasant surprise that the instructor guided each guest for a swim around the tank outside the shark cage. Really awesome time. Plus you and your team were really excellent in the build up and planning. A really great purchase - so thanks very much. We will no doubt be buying more adventures with you soon."

Angela Hooper

Maria surprised her husband with the gift of a hot air balloon flight in Segovia. She sent us the following comment and photos:

" truly was the perfect gift. For both of us. My husband’s face was a picture!"

Maria Gordon - UNDOSCLICK.ES

Maria y su marido disfrutando del vuelo en globo en Segovia

Pilar and Enrique enjoyed a tandem skydive in Barcelona. Pilar sent us this message:

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know it was spectacular. ...a unique experience, amazing! We loved it. .. next time we want to jump from 4000 metres!”

Pilar Martín Romero

Carolina treated Miguel to our Lamborghini driving experience at the Circuit of Cataluña in Barcelona. She sent us this very kind comment:

"Good afternoon. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that in the end, we were able to drive the orange Lamborghini!!! You should have seen the birthday boy’s face when he stepped out of the car!! Thanks so much to everyone for your help. I'll recommend your website to all my friends whenever I can. Let me know if there's anywhere I can leave a positive review about Emocionday. I'd be happy to write one. Thanks again!"

Carolina Garcia

Stephen and Nancy received the gift of a hot air balloon ride over Segovia and had a wonderful time:

Thanks to Manuel and Ishmael. Everything was AMAZING...! I've dreamt about doing this since i was a little girl. It was lovely. My dad, who died a month ago, was a pilot. He flew a C-47 in the Second World War in Europe, mainly in Italy and North Africa. He always wanted one of his children to fly in a hot air balloon and last weekend we did it in his honour. Our toast was to him. Stephen and I both loved it. Thanks for doing what you do so well.

Nancy Rodemann

Pablo and Raquel were given a spa session in Madrid's Arab Baths. Raquel sent us this comment:

“We loved the experience and we will definitely be doing it again next year :-)”

Raquel Mederos

Guillermo surprised his wife with an amazing gift for their second wedding anniversary: a fantastic trip through Europe which culminated in a private balloon ride for two in Segovia on the day of the anniversary. Guillermo sent us the following comment and photos::

"It was a unique experience and we both really loved it. Thank you for helping me plan the surprise!"

Guillermo Castro

Guillermo y su mujer disfrutando del vuelo en globo en Segovia

Mari Angeles surprised her boyfriend Ivan with one of our Ferrari driving experiences. She told us:

" are a couple of photos I took of my boyfried. It was for his birthday - Ferraris are his passion, but buying one would cost a fair bit, so I decided to surprise him with this experience. He really loved it. When he got out of the car I asked him how it had gone and he couldn't find the words. He was so happy and excited. The first words he managed were 'I want to do it again' and I'm sure we will very soon!"

Mari Angeles Quintana Sánchez

Ivan tras el volante del Ferrari F430

Ana treated her husband Enrique to a Lamborghini driving experience in Madrid. Afterwards she sent us the following comment:

"The driving experience that I enjoyed with my husband turned out perfectly (especially for him!). It was two laps in a Lamborghini Gallardo at Jarama. This was something he'd always wanted to do and he was hugely excited and looked so happy when he got out of the car. It was so nice for me to see how much he enjoyed it. We will definitely be back for more, next time in Ferrari. Thanks for making it possible for me to surprise my husband with such an unforgettable gift."

Ana Navazo Vicente

Domingo enjoyed an unforgetable experience driving a Ferrari and Lamborghini at Montmeló in Barcelona. This is his comment:

"My experience was fantastic - unforgettable, to drive a Ferrari and Lamborghini at a professional circuit on the same day was almost too much for me. For several nights after the event I had dreams where I was driving again. I even looked forward to going to bed so that I could relive the experience! It was a treat for myself for my 50th birthday and I already want to do it again. I don't know when exactly but I will definitely be back. Highly recommended. I'm the envy of more than one work work mate!!!!"

Domingo Casado Pérez

Domingo at Montmeló

Iván helped his brother Rámon fulfill the dream of a lifetime with the gift of one of our Ferrari and Lamborghini driving experiences. Here's what he had to say:

"Hi, my name's Ivan and I'd like to congratulate the emocionday team for making people happy and helping them to fulfill their dreams. I found your website almost by chance and saw an opportunity to turn one of my brother's biggest dreams into reality. He drove a Ferrari F430 plus a Lamborghini Gallardo and I think the expression on his face says it all. It was worth it just to see that smile. Congratulations Ramon. Nothing is imposible. GRACIAS.

Iván Calaforra

Francisco drove a Ferrari F430 at the Circuit of Catalunya, Montmeló. He sent us the following comment and video below_

"I definitely want to do this again one day. It was unforgettable. Being able to drive a car like that at a circuit like Montmeló was amazing. It's like being a pro-driver for a day!"