Bodega visit + Wine tasting in Benalúa (Granada)

Bodega visit + Wine tasting
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Location: Benalúa (Granada)

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 1 person

What's included?:

  • Vineyard and bodega visit.
  • Wine tasting of 3 wines.
  • Complimentary bottle of wine.

The bodegas of Pago de Almaraes are among the most technologically advanced in all of Andalucia. Their 60 hectares of vineyards are situated at considerable altitude, some 1600 meters, helping to create a unique local micro-climate which produces aromatic, slowly-maturing wines of great complexity.

The experience includes:

  • A tour of the vineyard, where you'll discover the ancient secrets of grape growing, such as how the local geography, soil and climate all subtly affect the personality of the wines.
  • A visit to the Bodega, where'll you'll observe some of the key steps of the winemaking (and wine-aging) process up close
  • A wine-tasting session, featuring three of the bodega's most characteristic wines.
  • A gift of 1 bottle of wine.


Bodega Pago de Almaraes en Benalúa (Granada)


Saturdays at midday (12:00) throughout the year. Reservations essential


Minimum of 2 people.