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Welcome to Emocionday.

Our story first began in 2005 when we were struck by the complete lack of companies offering gift experiences in Spain. We already knew and loved the concept from its success in the UK and we soon decided it was time to bring it to Spain ourselves.

We immediately began travelling the country, meeting with pilots, balloonists, skydivers and all sorts of fun and adventurous people - all of them full of enthusiasm for sharing their passions with the world. When we first presented the idea behind Emocionday - to offer their experiences online in the form of gift vouchers - they looked at us in wonder. Some didn't fully grasp it at first, but others got it straight away. It was a great adventure, one which saw us travelling along a new path, and today the world we live in is very different.

These days, gift experiences aren't quite as novel a concept as they were back then, but for us, they still represent something valuable and important - the chance to create extraordinary gifts and memories that last a lifetime. That's why after so many years, we're still dedicated to hunting down the most exciting, pleasurable, daring, and inspiring experiences possible.

Who would you like to surprise today? We hope you find what you’re looking for on our website :)